Jon Spearman: an American in Bangkok baking 50 Top pizzas

The story of Jon Spearman and his Pizzeria Mazzie in Bangkok

by Vittoria Dell’Anna

Ekkamai is a well known area of the Venice of the East famous for its numerous pubs serving craft beers, which are enjoyed by a various types of clients, going from families to young groups who doesn’t want to experience the strong nightlife of other areas in the city.

Inside Park Lane shopping mall you can find many cafes and restaurants: one of them is Pizzeria Mazzie, awarded by 50 Top Pizza with Prosecco DOC award in the Top Ten Asia 2021.

Italian features are pizza ingredients, American features are both Caesar salad dish and Jon’s nationality. Born in NY, Jon Spearman used to work inside several pizzerias of the Big Apple, where he got contaminated by different styles and pizza cultures, such as Italian, American and French. Growing up, he started traveling and he worked for more than 15 years for a shoes company. He traveled all around Asia for business, but wherever he used to go he always looked for his favourite comfort food: pizza. His personal mission became to find the best pizzerias around Asia (based on his own preferences) and trying to learn something new every time.

Jon doesn’t talk about himself as an entrepreneur, because, in his words: “when me and my wife -coming from China- decided to settle down in Bangkok and open a pizzeria, we just wanted to do what we like in the way we like. In one word, we did it for pure passion”. Jon learned by himself the art of baking;


Today Pizzeria Mazzie is a successful family business, offering also fresh baked bread during the day, made, of course, by Jon. It’s not easy to define his pizza style: not New York style, neither Italian style, it features a medium corner and it’s a little bit chewy in the middle. Jon main rule is: not more than 3 ingredients for topping, because the main character must be always the dough, which is made with mother yeast and baked in Acunto oven coming from Naples. “To me, it is the best oven in the world. Today I offer to my clients what I was looking for many years around the world, but I finally experimented and defined here in Bangkok: my personal style of pizza, which means fragrant, with a perfect leavening and topped with the best ingredients available. This is my secret: everything is baked by me, because baking is my biggest passion”.

 The menu features comfort food such as Polpette (with a New York twist: tomato sauce is made using American tomatoes) and all the essential types of international pizza: Brooklyn classic cheese (topped with Grana Padano cheese), Hot hipster (Calabrese salami, spiced honey and chilli) and a special pizza every week. All of these can be paired with craft beers, natural wines and a great selection of single malt scotch, and you can simply end the meal with one of the homemade desserts. The location is casual and it features a cute and comfortable patio.

Pizzeria Mazzie - Bangkok

Pizzeria Mazzie – Bangkok

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