50 TOP PIZZA EUROPE 2020: a preview of the Top Ten Artisan Pizza Chains in Europe!!!

The highly anticipated final will be held in live streaming on September 8th at 6:30 pm

We have witnessed yet another year of unstoppable success in the pizza phenomenon.  This is why 50 Top Pizza has decided to recognize the 10 best artisan pizza chains in Europe.


Top European Artisan Pizza Chains 2020 – Latteria Sorrentina Award


Big Mamma

Da Michele

Da Zero

Fra Diavolo

Grosso Napoletano


Pizza Pilgrims




The artisan chains were selected based on the 50 Top Pizza inspectors’ on-site work across the entire European territory.  The criteria for evaluation included the artisan workmanship of the product, the quality of the ingredients, and the level of service.


The stellar work of these enterprises demonstrates that the future of the authentic pizza is not industrial in nature, but rather hand-crafted or artisan.  This fact is true regardless of style, because all things considered, what counts is who is behind the counter and who is at the oven.


This new section is the fruit of very hard work.  We included it because we are convinced that these pizzerias are an integral part of the pizza movement both in Italy and across the world.  The chains of Italian pizzerias in Europe,” explain the 50 Top Pizza curators Barbara Guerra, Luciano Pignataro and Albert Sapere, “are a solid and dynamic bastion of our Made In Italy Brand.  They are a fundamental cultural reference for the consumer and an outlet for the food artisans that make quality products in our country.  They are just as Italian in their proposals as they are international in their marketing in the current food sector.  This is why, to give them their due recognition, from now onwards the pizzerias which are part of a chain will no longer appear in our other categories, but they will have their own classification given their unique characteristics.”


Thus, the great 50 Top Pizza countdown is about to begin yet again.  It is the most anticipated and prestigious online guide that is dedicated to this gastronomic product that is the recognized symbol for Italy in the world.  The 50 Top Europe final will be held on Wednesday, 8th September in live streaming beginning at 6:30pm on the 50 Top Pizza, 50 Top Italy, Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog, La Voce di Napoli and Food Napoli Facebook channels and on the 50 Top Pizza Instagram channel. It will be presented by Federico Quaranta.


The first classification to be revealed will be the best 50 pizzerias in the Old Continent, 50 Top Europe 2020, which last year saw the London-based 50 Kalò pizzeria by Ciro Salvo at the top of the podium.


Needless to say, excitement is building, as is the desire to know the names of who made the final ranking in this second edition.  The classification is already a reference for individuals who work in this sector and our great audience of consumers.


In general,” the curators conclude, “we can say that the crisis undoubtedly caused setbacks for many establishments.  However, many of them reacted with a great spirit of adaptation.  What is certain is that the crisis did not in any way influence the race towards quality, good ingredients, excellent service, or superior wine, beer and cocktail lists.  Nor did it dampen the desire to invest in this sector and commit to working hard.  It is hard work, but it also brings great satisfaction to the young generation of pizza chefs.  Our guide offers you a clear and exhaustive overview of the current situation.”


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